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Alpineflower handmade is a small, woman-owned woodworking and crafting business based in Denver, Colorado.  We specialize in custom furniture and home decor that won’t break the bank or fall apart in six months.  The way we see it, home furnishings and accessories need to be able to withstand the abuse that comes their way from dried oatmeal, temper tantrums, and intense games of Hungry Hungry Hippos.  Our products are built around the belief that scuffs and scratches tell a story, and that when it comes to family furniture, no one should have to sacrifice beauty for practicality.


Heidi is the driving force behind alpineflower handmade, responsible for the consulting and building.  Her husband Nate works on some of the “back-office” processes, and fields random questions about angles and power sources.  They have three kids and a dog, enjoy working on the house, reading, and watching Robotech and Voltron with the kids (well, Nate does. Heidi prefers to knit).


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