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Colorado weather and woodworking

As the entire country knows by now, the Front Range in Colorado was at the center of a bomb cyclone this week, which gave us a day of 60 mph winds and eight inches of snow. At least, we think it was eight inches - it's hard to tell when it's all piled up against the south fence. The crazy part of it was that the day before, I had worked in the shop (read: garage) all day in a t-shirt and had to put on sunscreen. Just a typical springtime week in Colorado!

Fortunately, I'm at a point in my preparations for the craft fair next week that I was able to move operations inside and spend a couple days just painting and staining. Also fortunate is the fact that the offspring are old enough to keep themselves entertained so Nate and I could both work. I find myself in a very specific period of life between keeping track of toddlers and keeping track of teenagers, and I'm doing my best to take full advantage of it.

This was my first winter trying to do woodworking as more than a convenient hobby, which resulted in scenes like this:

Makes me cold just looking at it.

But I've discovered as long as it's not below 20 degrees, I'm moving around enough to keep warmish. Also, thank goodness that I'm also a knitter! On my agenda before next November is upgrading the seal on the garage door, and hopefully adding some insulation and a space heater to the garage itself. I love working in here when it's not super cold, particularly because when the door is open, I get lots of beautiful natural light. Besides, didn't lots of famous entrepreneurs get their start working in a garage? I'm in good company!

We've lived in Denver long enough to know that this up-and-down weather is par for the course for March and April, and frankly, I'd rather have this than a hot and dry spring like we had last year. So while it throws a wrench in some of my plans, I'm happy that it's warmer more days than not, and we're getting closer and closer to proper springtime. In the meantime, I'll just open a window and paint my little heart out in the basement.

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