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May: Not for the fainthearted

It's been quite the month. Spring finally came, then it went away, and then it came back, then it went away again. It was here last week, but now four inches of snow are melting off. These photos are all from the past four weeks.

I'm making progress on my shed - I had hoped to be done a month ago, but that's normal, right? After all, Denver is home to a VA hospital that took years longer to complete than they planned. So far I'm not over budget, so the analogy stops right there. Otherwise, totally the same. The plans I'm using call for raising the side walls, then the roof trusses, then the end walls. I love it because the way it's organized, I can do almost everything by myself. It's easier to put up the walls with a second person, but not necessary.

I also had an uptick in orders for work! I'm in the process of building a desk for a client, and two people ordered a tiered planter for Mother's Day. I finished a few projects, and have more in the pipeline. We're planning on spending a couple weeks in Illinois in July, so if you live in that neck of the woods and would like me to build something for you, let me know!

The kids are finishing up their last week of school, I'm finishing up my temp job, and Nate is looking forward to a guys weekend in the mountains. A friend told me that May with school-age kids is like December in its busyness and obligations, but without the snow. Well, they're wrong. We've got the snow.

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