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What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Happy Fall! It's my favorite season, and I'm so glad it's finally here. Not a huge fan of summer.

What a summer it was, though! When I last posted, I had put the walls up on my shed, and we had a bunch of ridiculous late spring snow, which killed all my seedlings I'd started back in March. I got the doors on my shed. I went off-plan with the doors and did the back wall first, which was a mistake because the wall with the doors is attached from the inside, and the doors don't open until you've attached them. Fortunately, I realized this before I got myself stuck inside the shed, so I made sure I had all the tools I needed inside, and arranged to be unavailable while I cut myself out. Next time, follow the dumb plan.

It was cold and rainy for most of June, so the shed languished. Nothing got warped as far as I could tell, but I really wanted to finish the dang thing. In the meantime, I finished a walnut shelf for a friend, and it was nice to have something small to work on after the large scale of the shed. Toward the end of June, it dried out and the temps shot up into the 90s, so I spent the three weeks before our trip to Illinois sweating and learning how to install shingles and siding. I finished with a day left to pack and prepare for our road trip, and then was home for a total of five days in the next month. Again with the languishing.

We spent some nice time with family in Illinois in July, and I was so, so happy to get to be in my friend Rebecca's wedding in August in British Columbia. We spent a few days in the mountains, and boom – school. Our oldest started two weeks before the twins, so they and I used the time to paint their bedroom. We painted an accent wall with three shades of paint to achieve an ombre effect, and it was a ton of work. It looks good, but I have zero desire to do it again.

Since school started, I've made some organizational hacks on the interior of the shed and moved the kids' bikes and our lawn and garden tools into it, so that I can more fully take over the garage. Now I'm learning how to caulk siding seams (easily the most frustrating and boring part of this whole project – it's like working with hot chewing gum you've scraped from the sole of your shoe), and then I'll paint and be done. Phew!

The “real” job I had in the spring failed to rematerialize last month as promised, so I'm back to being fully self-employed. I'm eager to started on some new projects that don't involve full-scale construction techniques, so if you're thinking about a new table or shelves (or, really, anything out of wood), shoot me an email! I'd love to talk about what you're looking for and whether working together on it would be a good partnership!

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